University Apply

The University Apply app is a powerful and useful tool for the students who are aspiring to join the universities after completing their higher secondary education. This app records the information that are required by the universities only at the time of registering in the app. The app has inbuilt University application forms of various universities. The Students only need to select the universities that they desire to attend for pursuing their bright future. The app automatically fills up the forms only to be printed in minutes. This ultimately saves time and stops error in filling up forms. The app is a one stop solution.

CGPA Calculate

CGPA or Cumulative Grade Points Average. It is the average of Grade Points obtained in all the subjects as per Scheme of Studies. Students need this app to calculate and plan accordingly for their studies and priorities. This app will also help responsible parents to identify the weakness of their children's studies and take timely decisions for a promising future of their children.

English Speaking

English is an international language that is accepted all over the world as a means of communication. In this globalization era, communication is one of the most significant tool of competence. English Speaking app helps to effectually Speak English fluently and quickly. It focuses on the daily use of English speaking rather than the traditional learnings of the language. This app is very useful for all the peoples from different walks of life.


Java is a programming language. Java can run on many different operating systems. This makes Java platform independent. The JAVA LEARNING app is an app to teach the JAVA programming. Students, games & app developers have to know JAVA programming to deliver any successful product. This app is an appropriate tool to teach basic JAVA programming.